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Python sucks, and why I use it
July 9 2023
6 min read

Recently I was contracted to work on a Discord bot written in Python. I'm no pythonista but I partake in some kool-aid now and then. Python boasts a lot of features like subpar performance, lack of static typing, forced indentation and random syntactic quirks. These features would normally push me to a more respectable language, but this time I did not have a choice.

Personal Projects are Important
May 1 2023
6 min read

In January, I landed an interview for an internship at Lenovo for a Java Engineering position. My confidence was super high because I've been coding in Java for 3 years and I knew there was no question that I could not answer confidently. Ironicaly enough, that was not true. What I didn't expect was the interviewer asking me about my personal projects. I didn't have any.